Automate data retrieval, add
connections and save resources

Use Case

PROBLEM: Huge integration costs, complex data and poorly managed APIs

There are hundreds of exchanges and wallets, all of them requiring custom integrations and continual maintenance. Requiring customers to manually export CSVs is unpleasant and time consuming.


SOLUTION: One API to access all of your customers' balances and trades

Zabo makes connections for you while also standardizing and formatting the data needed for tax calculations. This saves hundreds of developer hours and allows you to focus resources on your core business.

Products and features

Automated wallet connections

Automated wallet connections

Zabo handles the integration work with exchanges and wallets so you don’t have to. Free up time and resources by automating your integrations.

Clean, pre-formatted data

Clean, pre-formatted data

Zabo transforms unique data from wallet connections, including balances, transactions and transfers, and puts them into a standard format that is easy to consume for your app.

Better data access

Better data access

Exchange and wallet APIs are often poorly documented or incomplete. Zabo connects to data sources in multiple ways, ensuring better, more complete data sources.

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