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Tezos is a blockchain with smart contract functionality that focuses on on-chain governance to manage the network. Tezos uses a delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) model to acheive consensus, which Tezos community members refer to as 'baking'

Tezos was first proposed in 2014 by Arthur Breitman under the pseudonym LM Goodman and the source code for the project was later released in 2016. After some internal disputes within the Tezos Foundation, Tezos launched live in June 2018.

Zabo makes it easy to integrate with Tezos


Supported Tezos features in Zabo:

  • Read Balances
  • Read Transaction History

When you use Zabo to integrate with Tezos, instead of building a custom, one-off integration that only works with Tezos, your developers can learn just Zabo’s API and a handful of simple calls.

Once Zabo is implemented, you’ll also get access to Zabo’s entire library of other connections, which can be accessed without any changes to your codebase. Every connection and every data type comes back in the exact same format, which will save you huge amounts of time and engineering resources.

Including the ability to connect to cryptocurrency accounts is easy, simply embed the Zabo Connect widget in your app with a single line of javascript.

Zabo makes it easy to integrate with Tezos