Zabo API Features:

Read Balances, Read Transaction History

Required User Credentials:

API Key and Secret Key

Developer Notes:

This connection is for Coinbase Pro, which is different than the regular version of Coinbase or Coinbase Wallet.

API Key Instructions:

  1. Log in to your Coinbase Pro account and go to the API Settings page
  2. Click "+ New API Key", enter a nickname such as "Zabo" and enable the "View" permission Zabo requires "View" access only. So, for your safety, make sure "View" is the only permission enabled
  3. "Create API Key" and enter your 2-step verification code to confirm NOTE: The secret key will only be available this one time, so complete the next part before leaving the view.
  4. Enter your newly generated keys in the corresponding fields when connecting your account

For detailed information on which assets Coinbase Pro supports, including regional exceptions, see Coinbase’s Supported Digital Currencies page.