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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zabo?

Zabo is a U.S. based financial technology company. Zabo provides an app that combines cryptocurrency with your existing financial services, including your bank and pay. We call it Cryptocurrency Banking. Zabo let’s you get paid in Bitcoin automatically through your paychecks.

What makes Zabo unique?

Zabo provides something no other service does today - a seamless integration between banking services and cryptocurrency. Before Zabo, you had to split your assets between a bank and a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange. There’s a better way and we are building it.

This combination creates a fundamentally different type of service, Cryptocurrency Banking, and enables unique features such as getting paid in Bitcoin, automated cryptocurrency access, hardware wallet support, and much, much more.

When will the Zabo be released? Where can I signup?

The Zabo Beta will be released in mid-2019. We will be selecting Beta users from our waitlist.

When will the full, public version of Zabo be released?

Currently we plan on releasing the full, public version of Zabo in late 2019.

Is Zabo a bank?

Zabo does not hold its own bank charter. Banking services within Zabo, including checking accounts, savings accounts and debit cards will be provided by Zabo’s licensed banking partner. These will be real bank accounts with FDIC insurance on US Dollars up to $250,000 on deposits. By partnering with an existing, licensed bank, Zabo can focus on building new features and providing an amazing user experience for Zabo customers.
FDIC insurance does not cover cryptocurrency accounts and is for US Dollars only.

How does Zabo store cryptocurrency?

Zabo cryptocurrency accounts are backed by best-in-class custodians who handle and secure billions in cryptocurrency. Zabo will also have security features within the app, including 2-factor authentication, to ensure user funds are safe.
In addition to cryptocurrency accounts within the app, Zabo plans to support multiple hardware wallets and other decentralized self custody options. Our goal is to give you more control and access to your assets, regardless of how you prefer to custody them.

What cryptocurrencies does Zabo support?

Zabo will initially offer Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) accounts.
Zabo plans on supporting additional cryptocurrencies in the future. Some of the criteria we use to evaluate cryptocurrencies to offer within Zabo are:

  • Volume and trading liquidity of the asset
  • Whether asset passes compliance and regulatory checks, namely those related to whether it is a security. Zabo does not offer securities tokens
  • Active team and/or communities around the projects
  • Zabo user demand

What do I need to signup for Zabo?

To sign up for Zabo you will need to provide your full legal name, physical address, date of birth, tax ID number (e.g. Social Security number), phone number, email address and a copy of government-issued identification. Zabo collects this information to be in compliance with relevant federal and state regulations. Initially Zabo will only be available to U.S. users, but have plans to expand to other markets.

Your information is kept secure and not shared with anyone you don’t explicitly authorize. All personal data is secured with bank-level encryption and follows strict standards. Zabo takes customer privacy and security very seriously.

Who is the team behind Zabo?

Zabo was created and is maintained by Modular Inc., a team with expertise in financial and blockchain technology, cybersecurity and traditional finance.

Where can I learn more about Zabo?

If you have specific questions feel free to email

If you want to join our community, check out our Twitter @zabofinancial, or on Telegram.

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