Portis and KeepKey are now available to be connected to any fintech or financial services application via Zabo

Dallas, Texas, May 27th - Zabo, the market leading cryptocurrency account aggregation API and ShapeShift, an international, non-custodial cryptocurrency leader, today announced a partnership to bring Portis and KeepKey account aggregation to any application via Zabo's API.

The partnership will allow any fintech, financial services or cryptocurrency application to seamlessly connect Portis and KeepKey accounts to display information such as balances or transaction histories.

"Self-custody wallets are an incredibly important part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem and so we're thrilled to now support Portis and KeepKey, two leading self-custody products," said Christopher Brown, Co-founder at Zabo.

Portis and KeepKey join 60+ other cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets that are available for account aggregation via a single API in Zabo. These accounts return pre-formatted and enriched data that is the exact same across every integration, saving developers and product teams significant development time while also increasing product breadth.  

Portis - DeFi and Web3 via email

Portis is a popular non-custodial blockchain wallet that makes accessing DeFi and web3 applications incredibly simple. Instead of using random passwords, private keys or other less-friendly methods, Portis let's you control your wallet with an existing email and password you already use.

The Portis widget experience using an existing email account

Zabo's Portis integration will support multiple wallets, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dai, Maker and others.

KeepKey - hardware self-custody security

Using offline, "cold" storage is  one of the most secure ways to self-custody cryptocurrency; KeepKey is one of the leading hardware wallet providers that enables everyday people to get best-in-class cold storage functionality.

About Zabo:

Zabo is the leading financial data aggregator for cryptocurrency exchange accounts and wallets. Zabo’s API allows fintech, financial services and crypto apps to connect to the thousands of exchanges, wallets and cryptocurrencies that power the next generation of financial products and services.

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About ShapeShift:

Since 2014, ShapeShift has been pioneering self-custody for digital asset trading. The company’s web and mobile platforms allow users around the world to safely buy, hold, trade and interact with digital asset platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Learn more at ShapeShift.com, and follow us on Twitter: @ShapeShift_io