The Zabo team is excited to announce a $2.5M seed raise to continue our mission of bringing cryptocurrency into mainstream financial services!

The round was led by Moonshots Capital and was joined by Blockchange Ventures, Castle Island Ventures, Digital Currency Group, CoinShares, Tezos Foundation, Capital Factory and others.

In the last decade we've seen incredible growth in crypto, both as a financial asset and paradigm-shifting technology infrastructure. Financial and computer science history have already been made. But the best is yet to come–the growth of crypto the next decade will dwarf its prior history.

Tech companies, financial services firms and even sovereign nations are leveraging cryptocurrency in ways that will touch billions of people. It is not just the story of a new asset class, but a fundamental re-imagination of the current financial infrastructure.

Yet, as with every fast-growing technology frontier, there are growing pains and missing pieces. To fully realize the potential of crypto, important infrastructure needs to be built. Entrepreneurs and businesses need the tools that help them not just survive on this new frontier, but thrive in it.

Zabo launched in September 2019 to tackle one of the most critical, missing pieces of infrastructure: an API for connecting to the fragmented and evolving landscape of cryptocurrency accounts, wallets and protocols.

Since our launch, we've been lucky to work with many customers and partners who share our vision of bringing cryptocurrency into mainstream financial services. We saw Zabo enable our customers to create completely new products, save huge amounts of engineering resources and get to market faster than ever before.

We also learned about the ways our product needs to improve and grow.  

It's been incredibly rewarding working with teams and developers across personal financial tracking, investments, digital banking, tax software, decentralized finance (DeFi), rewards, cryptocurrency exchange, insurance, identity and so many other interesting use cases.

This funding round helps us continue the mission and bring even more value to the customers, partners and users who we empower. Specifically, we're going to:

  • Grow the Zabo family. If you're passionate about the same mission, we're hiring!
  • Continue to add more partners and connections into the Zabo API. Our job isn't done until every crypto asset, account, wallet and protocol is easily accessible and at your fingertips. In your favorite apps, your investment portfolio, your bank, and everywhere else you want access to crypto
  • Increase customer and partner support. We pride ourselves on being there for customers and partners when they need us. We won't let getting bigger change that.

To all of our investors, partners, customers and users who continue to trust and support this team: thank you! We will continue to meet and exceed your expectations.