We're excited to announce that Zabo now supports Coinsquare!

Founded in 2014, Coinsquare is a Canadian-based cryptocurrency exchange. Today Coinsquare offers trading for 11 different cryptocurrencies across 4 different fiat options: CAD, USD, GBP and EUR.

Using Zabo you can now easily retrieve read-only balances and transaction histories from Coinsquare for use in personal financial management, wealth management, tax, accounting and more.

All delivered in pre-formatted, standardized data via API. Yes, no more manual Excel / CSV exports!

Data aggregation for Coinsquare via Zabo API

The Zabo Coinsquare API joins 40+ other exchanges and wallet integrations supported by Zabo. Every integration is returned to your application in the exact same format, saving countless development hours and resources.

You can get free API keys and start building in our sandbox in less than 5 minutes.

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