We're very excited to announce the new Zabo: the easiest way to connect any crypto wallet to any application in just a few lines of code. Zabo gives developers a single API for any connection, including exchange accounts, mobile wallets, protocol wallets and more.  

The new Zabo is live today - developers can get free API keys at https://zabo.com/signup and integrate Zabo into their app in a couple hours using our sandbox.

The crypto Cambrian Explosion

Since Bitcoin's inception in 2009 we've seen exponential growth in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Today there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, hundreds of exchanges and  hundreds of wallet applications.

Yet, this crypto Cambrian Explosion is just getting started. Innovative tech and financial services companies are building crypto products, bringing billions of end users and customers along with them. Sovereign nations are creating their own cryptocurrencies, setting the stage for a massive transition of the current financial infrastructure.

Crypto is not just here to stay: it's becoming an integral part of our lives.

A fragmented new world

In the process of growing exponentially the last decade, the crypto ecosystem became incredibly fragmented. The number of protocols, exchanges and applications grew much faster than the supporting and connecting infrastructure. This has created an exciting environment with expanding possibility, but also daunting technical challenges for builders.

Today developers, product teams and companies building crypto products are forced to ask tough questions:

  • What cryptocurrencies do my users want? Which should I support?
  • What wallets and services do they use? Which should I connect with?
  • Which protocols should we bet on and build our product around?

Each option has tradeoffs and comes with costly decisions on how to allocate resources.

Our team at Zabo ran into these issues first hand while developing crypto and blockchain-based applications. We knew users wanted unified financial views and for all their assets to be supported. We knew they wanted the latest features and value crypto could offer.

Yet, the lack of connectability between applications, protocols and wallets made it incredibly difficult to provide the ideal user experience or offer a product at all. The frictions created hundreds of hours of integration work and the feeling that we couldn't support all the features our users wanted.

We saw other teams having the exact same problem. We saw fintech companies unable to offer a crypto product because of the complexity and resource costs. We saw how this problem would just get worse as the ecosystem grew rapidly. We knew there had to be a better way and that a critical piece of infrastructure was missing.

That critical missing piece was Zabo: connecting any cryptocurrency wallet to any application in a single API.

What you can build with Zabo

While Zabo is great for crypto applications and decentralized finance (DeFi), our mission is much broader. We've built Zabo so that any application can easily connect crypto wallets, which encompasses a huge number of use cases, including:

Where we go from here

While we are incredibly excited to release the new Zabo and start working with developers, product teams and companies, we're just getting started. Over the next months we'll be continuously shipping and improving Zabo with new features, including:

  • Connections with every exchange, wallet, protocol and asset in crypto
  • The ability to send transactions between connections, regardless of wallet type: custodial or self-custodial; mobile, web or hardware
  • Powerful analytics tools to help teams build better products for their users

We look forward to helping you build something amazing for your users!

Are you a developer, product manager interested in using Zabo? Signing up for a free API key takes 10 seconds.

Are you an exchange, protocol or wallet wanting to be supported by Zabo? Shoot us a line and learn how to become a partner.

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