Today we’re announcing our work at Zabo: a cryptocurrency banking application that allows you get paid in Bitcoin by allocating your pay between cash and cryptocurrency.

A New Category: Cryptocurrency Banking

Since Bitcoin’s introduction over ten years ago, cryptocurrency has made incredible strides. Millions of early adopters and believers went from asking “What’s a Bitcoin?” to owning cryptocurrency themselves. Yet, we are still at the beginning of the journey. Most people have never held cryptocurrency and can’t access it easily.

Our mission is to change that.

We started Zabo because we believe cryptocurrency can add value to billions of people’s financial lives. At its core, cryptocurrency offers an alternative financial system. In some cases, it can augment current financial networks, and in others, it provides an entirely different option for people to store wealth or transact freely at a global scale.

Zabo gives you access to cryptocurrency alongside the rest of your finances, starting with getting paid in Bitcoin. We call it Cryptocurrency Banking.

Get Paid in Bitcoin

One of Zabo’s first core features is enabling users to allocate their pay between cash and cryptocurrency automatically. By setting a Zabo Allocation Plan inside the Zabo app, users can easily convert direct deposits and paper checks into cryptocurrency at predetermined amounts. Want to get 100% paid in crypto? Want just a small amount each month? Zabo lets you choose.  

Initially available to U.S. customers with Bitcoin and Ether at launch, we plan to extend the ability to get paid in Bitcoin to other countries and add support for additional assets. We believe there are millions of international workers who would tangibly benefit from cryptocurrency today and are excited to grow Zabo into facilitating essential financial services in the global economy.

An Integrated Financial Experience

Zabo was born out of a frustration we know many people have - why is cryptocurrency so challenging to deal with and access? While dedicated cryptocurrency exchanges provide a critical onboarding step and valuable liquidity service, we still struggle to do basic financial tasks like spend or pay our employees in crypto.

We end up maintaining bank accounts, exchange accounts, and self-custody hardware or web wallets - all separately. The result is that we spend too much time working between these services and never have complete control or comfort. This fragmented user experience isn’t suitable for regular people interacting on a day-to-day basis.

Zabo takes a different approach.

We believe people realize the most value when they can freely choose between the alternative financial systems of cryptocurrency and the traditional financial services they currently use. To enable this choice, Zabo has created an integration between the two.

Full Banking Integration

When we use and study the existing cryptocurrency experiences in the market today, we see bank accounts playing a pivotal role for most users, particularly during the crucial initial onboarding process.

While there are still a considerable number of unbanked people in the world, a great many still rely on traditional banking services to save, transact and get paid. We are all familiar with the shortcomings of many banks: hidden fees, waiting for transactions to clear and bad user experiences.

Our team knew that banking had to be an essential part of Zabo because bank accounts are still so important to our users. We also knew we could improve on the shortcomings of banks by building a modern, transparent banking experience people trust and love. That’s why Zabo will integrate with full banking services [1], including US Dollar FDIC-insured checking accounts [2], interest-bearing savings accounts and debit cards for spending.

Importantly, these bank accounts will be side-by-side with your cryptocurrency accounts, enabling seamless transactions between them all in the convenience of one app. Zabo eliminates the compromises, allowing you to have your bank and your crypto too.

An Exciting New Chapter

Zabo wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and effort of our talented team. We are also happy to have strong support from our investor team at Blockchange Ventures, who led our $1.15M Series Seed round.

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Expect to hear from the Zabo team often as we move towards launch.

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[1] Zabo's FDIC insured checking and savings accounts will be provided by Zabo's banking partner and will be governed and compliant with applicable federal and state money transmission laws and regulations.

[2] FDIC-insurance covers US Dollar deposits only. Cryptocurrency is not covered by FDIC insurance.