We firmly believe cryptocurrency will form the basis of an alternative financial system that will be relevant to billions of people. It's why we are building tools for people to get paid in cryptocurrency anywhere in the world.

Yet, today there are still many that don't know about or understand cryptocurrency.

That's why we've created Papercrypto -  a project to help new and existing users get exposure and educate themselves on cryptocurrency.

Papercrypto is a risk-free cryptocurrency trading simulation that allows anybody to construct portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

Starting today, Papercrypto will be open to the public for signups and starting its first trading contest. We've had a ton of fun building the beta and can't wait to get your feedback.

How it works

There are a few key elements that power the Papercrypto beta, including:


When you first join Papercrypto, you are given an allocation of virtual US Dollars that you can use for cryptocurrency purchases. Cryptocurrency holdings and relevant data points are displayed in real time in your Portfolio.

An example portfolio

Contests & Leaderboards

By participating in contests Papercrypto you can test different strategies and apply yours skills in new ways. Contests will also offer prizes to top traders, incentivizing you to actively engage with your portfolios.

Traders in a given contest are tracked by public leaderboards, which display current holdings and total portfolio values.

A contest leaderboard

You can build a portfolio and get ranked on a leaderboard by joining Papercrypto's first ever contest.


Papercrypto uses cryptocurrency market prices that update in real time. Currently Papercrypto supports the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and plans to support more in the future.

Trade any of the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization


The Papercrypto beta is useful and can be enjoyed today, but we have plans to further expand it's value to users, including:

  1. More educational and economic data on cryptocurrencies
  2. More powerful functionality around trade history and sharing holdings and trades
  3. Integration with Zabo cryptocurrency wallets to receive / hold / send funds and give users first hand access to the underlying technologies

Join Us

To kick off our beta we are sponsoring the first contest on Papercrypto with $450 worth of prizes, paid in real cryptocurrency. Start trading today and join the contest at www.papercrypto.io!

You can join the Papercrypto community or follow the project here:

Happy trading!